Since 2006 Makiba is active in industrial applications of adhesive bonding techniques.
Once started to support the petro-chemical industry in adhesive bonding projects; nowadays Makiba operates Lijmacademie; a well equiped laboratory in destructive testing & accelerated aging. Furthermore, the laboratory is approved by European Welding Federation for certified trainingcourses in adhesive bonding technology. Additionally, Makiba is directly involved in EAB & EAS courses and DIN 6701 & DIN 2304 audits worldwide. 
Makiba's activities are divided into four groups: 

1 .Research
Mechanical properties of adhesive bonded joints, accelerated aging 

2. QA/QC
Introduction of QA-systems of adhesive bonding processes in production environment and support to comply with DIN 2304 or to achieve DIN 6701 certification 
European (EWF) certified trainingcourses in industrial application of adhesive bonding techniques, in close cooperation with Fraunhofer IFAM 
4. The Makiba Webshop
Sales of special materials to facilitate QA-procedures in adhesive bonding processes 

Afbeelding invoegen
King's Commissionar Wim van de Donk and Mayor Jan Boelhouwer applying adhesives in the laboratory.
January 2016

  Afbeelding invoegen

His Majesty King Willem Alexander honored Lijmacademie with a visit in October 2017
(Photo: BN De Stem) 

Recent Case Studies