Laboratory research in adhesive bonding technology

On January 17, 2014 Lijmacademie's new laboratory facilities in Gilze Rijen were officially opened. City Councel members Erik de Ridder (Tilburg) and Rolf Dols (Gilze Rijen) operated testequipment to test an adhesive bond. A lound "ping", caused by destructive failure of the adhesive bond, marked the start of this new training- and research center in industrial adhesive bonding technology.
The facilities include the most common testequipment for destructive testing (20 kN tensile strength tester, incl. extensiometer, temperaturechamber -40°C till +180°C, automated Dolly tester) and computer controlled accelerated aging (fluctuating climate chamber -40°C till +180°C & RH 5%-98%, Saltspraytest, Xenon-UV-moisture aging). 

To produce samples, the laboratory operates all kind of surface treatment facilities, like AD-Plasma, Flame-pyrolyses, Korund-blasting, Ultrasoon cleaning and quality controle instruments like measurement equipement for surfacetension, layerthickness and stereo microscope with camera.
Furthermore, the laboratory is well equipped with instruments and tools to make reproducable adhesive bonded samples, by using PTFE- and Aluminium fixture devices, curing-ovens, electrical and pneumatical application equipment. Even hybride joining techniques are available with industrial self piercing rivet tools.